The spokesman for the Hamas parliamentary bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Salah Bardawil, denied any organizational relationship between the Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah.

In a press statement, Bardawil said "What unites Hamas, Hezbollah and all factions of resistance, is the general issues, common goals, and the culture of pride, dignity and steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation, which persists in killing and destroying in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon".

He added that: "The resistance culture against the Israeli occupation in Palestine and Lebanon and against the American occupation in Iraq, is the only thing that unites all factions of the resistance in the Arab world, the matter does not require any coordination among these factions. Israel has always made claims like these in order to justify its aggression and killings perpetrated against civilians and innocent people."

He criticized "the weak Arab position towards the crimes that are carried out daily in Lebanon and Palestine, without any movement from the Arab leaders to influence the Israeli government and force it to stop the barbaric aggression on civilians in Lebanon. How long can the Arab leaders and the Arab nations refuse to move?"

He pointed out that "the Lebanese and Palestinian people are in need of the day when the Arab leaders and nations will stand with them in pride and dignity facing the Israeli aggression because it targets the whole nation, not just the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine."

The Al Bardawil statements came after Israel accused the Hamas movement of having a relationship with Hezbollah, after Hamas and Hezbollah both succeeded in capturing Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon.