In an interview on Monday with IRIN, UN’s Emergency Relief Co-ordinator Jan Egeland, reported that the people of Lebanon are facing their “greatest hour of need.” In response to the 800 000 civilians who have been displaced by Israel’s bombardment, the UN launched an emergency appeal for a $150m relief plan.

Mr. Egeland said that the plan would provide essential services, including food, water and healthcare, as the situation in Lebanon is “very bad, and deteriorating by the day.” The UN appeal reported a shortage of essential services, especially in villages near the Israeli border. According to the report, some areas in Lebanon have seen the price of sugar rise by 400%, and cooking gas by 600%, while the food supplies in some villages “have been exhausted.”

Israel’s control of the ports has severely hampered UN relief efforts. The UN asked Israel for safe passage to the ports of Beirut, Tripoli and Tyre, but they have only been given access to the port of Beirut. Relief operations have also been held back by Israel’s attack on public infrastructure, including the targeting of commercial trucks.