Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses report that about 15 Israeli troops invaded the town of Tulkarem at dawn Tuesday morning. Sources say that the forces raided the offices of The Mass Media Centre, an independent media organization, and the Islamic Women’s Center, among other organizations.

The Israeli forces seized computers and important documents from the offices, while causing substantial damage to the exteriors of the buildings.

Despite the fact that most of the organizations that were raided were humanitarian service providers, Israeli military officials claim that the offices contained files and information associated with the Hamas party.

In a press statement, the Director of The Mass Media Centre, Mohammed Eshteawi, said that the forces infilitrated the building, confiscated its contents, tore pictures off the wall, and proceeded to destroy the Quran. He told the press that the soldiers took money, files, and 11 computers used in training courses held by the media center.

Eshteawi told PNN that the Israeli crimes in the West Bank go beyond physical attacks and incursions. Now, he stated, Israeli is limiting free speech and the right to voice the truth. He continued, “By ransacking media centers, the forces are trying to discourage journalists from telling the truth and exposing the Israeli crimes against humanity to the international community.”