Local medical sources reported that at least one bystander was seriously injured in addition to the two killed in the missile fired into Rafah city, in southern Gaza, Palestine.  An Israel military spokesperson reported that Thursday night’s airstrike was meant as an assassination of two Palestinian resistance fighters and that ‘the two targets both appeared to have been hit’.

Israel’s policy of ‘targeted assassinations’ has been condemned by international human rights organizations, and is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

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Eight Palestinians, including one child, killed in Rafah, at least twenty injured
2006-08-03 19:41:42

Palestinian medical sources in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip reported on Thursday that eight residents, including a 12-year old child, were killed and at least 27 residents were injured in several Israeli strikes  and artillery attacks in Rafah area.

The sources stated that the bodies of the casualties were severely mutilated which made it difficult to identify them immediately, while most of the injuries were described as serious.

The Israel attack was concentrated in Al Shouka area, in Rafah as tanks moved into the areas while firing shells and heavy ammunition.

Military helicopters were seen flying over the Rafah International Airport and over the main Salah Ed Deen Road that leads to the Rafah Border Crossing.
A source at Abu Yousef Al Najjar in Rafah identified the killed residents as;

1.Ziad Suleiman Al Eid, 23.
2.Mohammad Anwar Kallab, 21.
3.Wael Anwar Younis, 20.
4.Adnan Abu Libda, 20.
5.Anees Abu Awwad, 12.
6.Suleiman Mahfouth Ermeilat, 55.
7.Yousef Abu Moor, 22.
8.Abdul-Rahma Abu Sneina, 20.

Resident Ziad Suleiman Al Eed, 23, was killed after midnight as the army initiated its assault, two residents were injured, one seriously .

Troops carried at least six strikes that targeted areas near the Rafah Border Crossing, earlier on Thursday. The attacks targeted both civilians and fighters in the area.

Also, at least three missiles fired by the army landed and detonated close to the Rafah Governmental Hospital, damage was reported, several residents and patients in the hospital suffered anxiety attacks.

Local residents reported that several army tanks and bulldozers stormed the area during the early hours of dawn and fired heavy machine guns at residents’ homes, backed up by Israeli fighter jets and Apache Helicopters.  

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Rafah; Resident killed, two injured in Israeli air strike, two children injured in a separate attack

Wednesday night after midnight, one Palestinian resident was killed and two were seriously injured after an Israeli fighter-jet fired a missile at a group of residents who gathered in Al Shouka area, near Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Two children, brother and his sister, were injured in Rafah after Israeli tanks fired shells at several houses.

The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that resident Ziad Suleiman Al Eed, 23, was killed, and two residents were injured, one seriously in the attack, and were transferred to Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital in Rafah.
The attack targeted residents who gathered in Al Shouka area in Rafah; no fighters were present in the targeted area, local sources reported.
Also, troops stationed at the Kerem Shalom Crossing, south-east of Rafah, invaded Al Shouka area while military helicopters fired rounds of live ammunition at the houses.

Troops invaded an areas close to the Rafah International Airport and approached the Salah Ed Deen Street, between the districts of Rafah and Khan Younis.

Moreover, two children identified as Mohammad Abu Al Hasseen, 4, and his sister Riham, 6, were injured after Israeli tanks fired shells at houses in Rafah.

The two children were hospitalized in Rafah suffering wounds in the face and hands, medical sources reported.

In a separate attack that also took place after midnight, Israeli fighter-jets fired missiles at a vehicle driving on a main road linking between Rafah and Khan Younis; no injuries were reported, ambulances rushed to the scene, WAFA added.