The Young Men’s Christian Association and the Ministry of Sport and Youth helped organize Monday’s event which condemned “the massacres being carried out by against the children, women and the elderly.”

One young speaker shouted, “The victim continues to be punished while the offender is rewarded!”

The children began at Bethlehem University holding photos of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, shouting against and the .

The young Palestinians also condemned what they referred to as “international silence, complicity of Arab governments,” while praising the Lebanese resistance. The march took them through the streets of the West Bank city to the door of Jesus’ birthplace in Manger Square.

They shouted for steadfastness and support for their “brothers and sisters in the besieged Gaza Strip and in the face of the Israeli military machine and the support for it all.”

Upon arriving in front of the Church of Nativity several children read poems and delivered impassioned speeches in support of the people and against ’s violations of international law and covenants “while the world watches in silence.”

Other children called for every diplomatic measure possible to be made to "expose ." And another spoke of the complicity in the international media, encouraging all to, “stand in the face of all conspiracies aimed at the heritage and history of the Arab nation. We praise Hezbollah which champions true resistance, honor, and dignity for us all in the face of Israeli occupation and its massive military.”