Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanon based Hezbollah party, said in a televised speech on Wednesday evening, that his party will continue to fight and that it backs the deployment of the Lebanese troops in southern Lebanon. He also called on the Arab residents in Haifa, to leave the city for their own safety.

Nasrallah said that  that a seven-point plan presented by the Lebanese government is considered the least that Lebanon should accept as part of a draft resolution to end the fighting, the Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported.

He also described the draft resolution as “unfair and unjust” adding that this draft gave Israel more than what it wanted and what is was aiming to.

Addressing the Arab residents of Haifa, Nasrallah said; “"We are sad for your losses, for your wounded and martyrs, please leave Haifa, I hope you do this. Please leave so we don’t shed your blood, which is also our blood.”

He also called for the steadfastness of the Lebanese people and government, and to stand firm “against the proposals that only serves the Israeli and American interests”.

Moreover, Nasrallah confirmed that Hezbollah agrees to the deployment of Lebanese forces in southern Lebanon as “a better alternative to the international forces”.

Commenting on the resistance, he said that that the fighters are capable of continuing the battle and are capable hitting the Israeli troops in southern Lebanon and that Hezbollah still owns its missile power.

Nasrallah also called on the internally displaced refugees in Lebanon to avoid any conflict with any party or person and called on the Lebanese to avoid any massive protests om Beirut in order to maintain the unity of the government and the people.

He also said that Israel is shelling the infrastructure in Lebanon and is attacking and killing civilians in Qana, Al Biqa’, Al Shayyah, Al Ghaziyya, Beirut and other areas in order to pressure the residents in order to accept the Israeli conditions.

Nasrallah slammed the Security Council for what he described as its failure to condemn Israel for killing international observers in Lebanon adding that the Security Council does not have the ability to protect Lebanon, and that the Council is currently trying to protect Israel, not Lebanon.
According to Nasrallah, fighters managed to destroy 60 Israeli tanks, dozens of military bulldozers and dozens of troop carriers and armored vehicles. He also said that Hezbollah gunmen have killed more than 100 Israeli soldiers in the ongoing battles and injured at least 400 other soldiers.

“We are still strong, we are still in advanced locations”, he said, “the battles are still ongoing on the border villages in Lebanon”.

Referring to the decision of the security Cabinet of the Israeli government to expand its ground operations, Nasrallah said that Israel is unable to control the border line with Lebanon.

He said that this decision is part of the Israeli psychological war that aims to pressure the people and the Lebanese government to accept any proposed draft for the conflict.