Only three hours after the Rafah Border Crossing was opened, the Israeli side phoned the European observers an the crossing and ordered them to close it for "secuirty concerns".

It is still unknown if the crossing will be re-opened today especially since Israel did not provide any further details on its decision and on the "security concerns".

The Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported that the Crossing which was supposed to be opened for twelve hours on Thursday, is also supposed to open for twelve hours on Friday, but after the Israeli decision to close it, it became unclear if it will open on Friday.

Rafah Border Crossing only opened from morning to evening
Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies, 13:30

Thursday, the Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Egypt, opened for people traveling from Gaza into Egypt only, said the spokeswoman OF European observers, Maria Telleria.

The crossing was opened at eight in the morning, and will remain opened for twelve hours.

The crossing was opened to help students return to schools, businessmen and for humanitarian cases, Telleria added.

The WAFA news agency reported that the crossing was opened after mediation talks by the EU with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The Crossing was closed by Israel on June 25, EU observers managed to convince Israel to open the crossing on June 18 and 19; 5000 residents crossing into Gaza in these two days. 

Telleria said that she hopes the crossing will be fully opened, and added that the EU observers are willing to return to it. 

Palestinian security sources reported that only two busses crossed on Thursday into the Egyptian side after Israel allowed the observer to be present at the crossing.