A report prepared and published by the Palestinian National Information Center on the Israeli violations and attacks in the Palestinian territories revealed that Israeli soldiers killed 23 Palestinians, injured 64 and took 74 prisoner during the past week.


The center also reported 915 violations carried by the army against the Palestinian civilians.

The violations included shelling of civilian areas, repeated invasions, breaking into homes, and installing dozens of military roadblocks in the Palestinian territories.

According to the report, soldiers carried 59 invasions, broke into 133 homes, and installed military checkpoints 122 times.

The settlers also continued their attacks against the residents and their orchards in several areas in the West Bank. The attacks also included attacking international and observers, especially in Hebron.

Soldiers bulldozed Palestinian farmlands at least nine times uprooting dozens of olive trees, especially olive tree, and several plants and hothouses.

Israeli authorities also barred hundreds of residents from leaving the country after closing the border crossings.

The construction of the annexation wall continued leading to the uprooting of hundreds of olive trees, and isolated more Palestinian orchards from their owners.

The total number of violations practiced by Israel since Sharm Al Sheikh Summit in February, 2, 2005, arrived to 49382 violations that included 5169 shooting attacks; 548 residents were killed and 2867 were injured.