Israeli troops invaded eastern Nablus City’s Askar Refugee Camp early Tuesday and surrounded several homes. Twenty military vehicles followed the soldiers just moments later.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a large contingent of Israeli troops enter Nablus and move towards the Askar refugee camp, surrounding it.

Bulldozers immediately began to demolish the An Nadi family home in the camp. The Army claimed that  "wanted" Palestinians were hiding in the house. They arrested four members of the family, Mohamed, Basheer, Nasser and Raghib. They were taken to unknown locations. Israeli soldiers also arrested a young boy,  Murad Abu Sir.

There was a confrontation between the Israeli forces and Palestinian youth in the camp. Several Palestinian youth were injured and inhaled tear gas released by the Israeli forces.

An elderly woman died of a heart attack because of the intensive shooting in which two other Palestinians were hurt. .A young Palestinian man, Omar Al Ordoni, 18, was wounded by a rubber bullet,  while a young girl was injured when hit by shrapnel from a missile. Her identity is not yet known.

According to medical sources in Nablus hospital, the 70-year old woman, Um Khalil, died following a heart attack brought on by the severity of the Israeli shelling and gunfire around her house

Israeli forces also entered Al Ein Refugee Camp this morning as well, arresting two young men in the camp.

The Israeli forces put several checkpoints up in the area. The northern West Bank city of Nablus is under nearly constant siege, as has been the case throughout the Intifada.