Sunday afternoon, Israeli soldiers arrested Palestinian Legislative Council secretary Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Al Ramahy, after breaking into his home in Al Janan neighborhood, in Al Biereh City in the northern part of the West Bank.

Palestinian sources reported that Al Ramahy who was wanted to the Israeli security since fifty days was arrested after four Israeli military jeeps and under-cover units, surrounded his home and broke into it.

Soldiers barred any resident from entering or leaving the house, and barred the press from entering the areas after completely closing it.

Hamas movement slammed the arrest and said that this is an other Israeli violation against an elected member of the Palestinian government.

In 1995, Al Ramahy was arrested by Israel and was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment and seven years on parole.

After his release, he became the representative of the Committee on National and Islamic movements in Ramallah District.

Most of the Hamas legislators, including Palestinian Legislative Council head Dr. Aziz Dweik, are currently arrested by Israel.