Israeli army carried out wide scale of searches in the residents’ homes of two villages and one town of the west Bank area of Hebron Tuesday.

Israeli army invaded Tuesday the West Bank towns of Biet Ummer and Dura and Kurza village north and south west of the West Bank city of Hebron and took fifteen residents as prisoners ,the soldiers handed over military orders to at least four residents to be present at the Israeli intelligence

Official sources at the prisoner’s Society Hebron office reported that the army took nine residents of Dura town south west of Hebron as prisoners after breaking into their homes and coducted wide scale of searches inside them.

Those who were taken as prisoners were identified as two brothers; Ummer and Mahmoud A’qeeli ,20, 22 , Tha’er Jihad Abu Sundus, Islam Nimir Mohammad,19, Ahmad Tawfeeq Al Wahwah,22,Mohammad Ismaiel Al Rujub,18, Nu’man Ahmad Al Darabee’,20, Ahmad Salah Abu Ras, 18, and Mujahed Badawi Al Masalmah,21. the army handed over the military orders to two residents who were identified as Abdellah Abed Al-Mahdi I’qeelan and Mahmoud Ahmad Ibzee’ to be present at the Israeli intelligence office.

In, local sources reported that the Israeli army invaded the village of Kurza south of nearby Dura town Tuesday at dawn and conducted a wide scale of home searches and took at least two residents as prisoners. Those who were taken wewre identified as: Shaker Shehda Dudeen, 17, and Asa’ad Tawfeeq Dudeen, 19. Two other residents were handed a military order to be present at the Israeli intelligence office and they were identified as Musa Nadir Dudeen and Fadi Mahmoud Dudeen.

Israeli army invaded the town of Biet Ummer north of Hebron and conducted a wide scale of searches of several homes and took at least two residents as prisoners, they were identified as; Yousif Abdel Hameed Abu Mareya, 33 ,and Rami bassam Al Za’aqeeq,26.

Official sources in the Hebron city reported that the army invaded the city of Hebron conducted wide scale of searches and took two other residents as prisoners., and they were identified as : Hisham Mohammad Ghayth,21, and Zeedan Na’eem Al Natshah, 21.