Palestinian medical and security sources in Nablus, in the northern
part of the West Bank, reported that Israeli troops invaded the West
Bank city of Nablus and its Askar refugee camp and clashed with dozens
of residents killing one child and injuring at least twenty-two
residents, including several children.

The sources stated the one child, identified as Montaser Suleiman Oka, 15, from Askar refugee camp was killed by Israeli military fire.

Oka was shot in his back and died instantly, medical sources reported.

At least twenty-two residents were injured, two seriously, while soldiers were surrounding two residential buildings in two Nablus areas, and clashed with dozens of residents in Amman Street in the city. The two buildings were leveled later on by the army after forcing the residents out.

Four of the injured were identified as Ammar Nizar Shbaro 16, Isam Fathi Makhloof, 27, Ahmad Suleiman 15 and Ahmad Miflih 15, all were moved to Rafidia hospital in Nablus.
Local sources reported that soldiers searched and ransacked scores of houses in Nablus city and the nearby Balata refugee camp.

Israeli army claimed that the two buildings were leveled because Palestinian resistance fighters were hiding inside,  local sources denied the military claim especially since soldiers forced the residents out, checked their identity cards and conducted no arrests.

Also, military bulldozers destroyed six cars during the invasion of Nablus neighborhoods.
Currently intense clashes are still taking place between local residents using stones and the Israeli troops in Amman Street in Nablus and the military operation in Nablus.

Local sources reported that soldiers detained several families in a three-story building and interrogated them.

The sources added that troops destroyed parts of the third floor after claiming that fighters are hiding there.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, soldiers arrested six Palestinian residents overnight.

Also, fighters fired at military jeeps in Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank causing damage to the military vehicles, no injuries were reported.