Palestinian officials in Gaza reported that the two Fox journalists
captured in Gaza have not been harmed after the deadline set by their
captures expired. The captures of the two journalists demanded the
United States to “release all Muslim prisoners from its prisons”.

Khaled Abu Hilal, spokesperson of the Palestinian Interior Ministry, stated on Saturday that “third parties” confirmed to the Palestinian Authorities that American Fox reporter Steve Centanni, 60, and New Zealand-born cameraman Olaf Wig, 36, are in good health.
A new group that called itself Holy Jihad Brigades, claimed responsibility for abducting the two journalists and threatened to kill them unless the United States frees all Muslim prisoners within three days. The deadline passed at midday on Saturday.

“Information we received confirmed that the two journalists are still in good health and unharmed”, Hilal told reporters shortly before the deadline expired.

The United States already gave its response and said that “it does not negotiate or make concessions to terrorists”.

Centanni and Wiig were abducted by the unknown group on Aug. 14 in Gaza City.

The Hamas-led Palestinian government called for the direct and safe release of the two reporters and said that a progress through indirect contact with the kidnappers was made in this issue.

On Wednesday, the group released a video tape showing the two men dressed in tracksuits and sitting on a blanket in front of a black background.

The two reported said in the video that they are being treated well and appeared in a good health.