Palestinian medical sources in Jenin, in the northern part of the West
Bank, reported that a 64-year old man was shot and killed by Israeli
military fire during an invasion to the city.

Local sources reported that Sabri Abdul-Ghani, 64, works as a guard at a school which is still under construction near a Palestinian town near Jenin.

Soldiers operating in the area fired at him while conducting military searches of homes in Al Jabriyyat area, between Borqeen and the Jenin refugee camp.

The sources stated that soldiers fired one round at the guard and then fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition at the school area.

Israeli military sources said that soldiers operating in the city shot the guard as he shinned his flashlight on a passing car, which was apparently used by Israeli forces.

According to the army, soldiers identified a man “who was apparently holding a gun” and standing on a rooftop. The army confirmed later on that the man was carrying a flashlight and said that it is investigating the incident.