Eight residents were injured when an Israeli war plane targeted a group of
civilians in Al Shojayia neighborhood east of Gaza city Tuesday morning.

According to eyewitnesses an Israeli drone fired one missile at a group of civilians gathered in the street injuring eight; all were moved to nearby hospitals.

Al Shojayia area has been invaded over the last two days, causing the death and injures of  many civilians and a large amount of infrastructure destruction .

Meanwhile medical sources reported that Mriam Farhoda, 60, died today due to wounds she sustained last month in an Israeli army air strike that targeted civilians' houses in Jabalia town north of the Gaza strip.

Also on Tuesday, the Army invaded the surrounding areas of Sofa border crossing, north east of the Gaza strip, and took three prisoners.

The three prisoners are Othman Mo'amer, 32, and two of his brothers Mohamed, 27, and Mossa, 25. They were arrested after the Army stormied and ransacked their family house, local sources reported.

Currently Israeli army tanks and bulldozers are still conducting bulldozing operations and firing heavy machine guns and shells at residents houses near the Sofa crossing.

The army have stepped up its military operation since the beginning of this week, beginning on  late Sunday night all throughout Monday. 11 people died, among them a child.