When garbage men went on a strike in Gaza three days ago, garbage
covered the streets. In order to encourage people to do the same thing,
Palestine Prime Minister Ismael Haniya took the brooms of the garbage
men and cleaned the streets with volunteers.

The garbage men and many other civil servants employed by the Palestinian Authority went on strike as they did not receive their paychecks for six months.

The Palestinian Authority is unable to pay the salaries of the employees as the United States and the European Union stopped sending aid funds to the PA after Hamas won the Parliamentary elections last January.

Israel has also seized so far, more than 300 USD millions due to the Palestinian Authority as tax revenue.  Israel is supposed to transfer an amount of 55 million USD per month to the PA according to the section related to the economic arrangements between the Palestinian Authority and Israel is Oslo accords, signed in 1995.

Recently, the EU sent a partial payment to the PA who in turn paid 340 USD to some employees whose salary is lower than 450 USD.  This was the second payment the employees receive since March.