Israeli soldiers invaded on Sunday at dawn the Al Fawwar refugee camp,
near Hebron city in the southern part of the West Bank, and arrested a
father and his five sons after surrounding their home, Palestinian News
Agency, WAFA, reported.

The agency stated that a large military force surrounded the house of Khalil Hussein Hdeib, located at the northern entrance of Al Fawwar refugee camp, broke into it, searched it for three hours and arrested him and his five sons.

Hdeib, 55, was taken prisoner along with his sons Ziad, 35, member of the Palestinian police, Ashraf, 25, Ishaq, 22, Shadi, 26, and Mahmoud, 33.

Fatima Hdeib, the wife of Khalil, said that soldiers surrounded her house, broke into and ransacked it before taken her husband and five of her sons prisoners. Damage to the windows and furniture was reported as soldiers ransacked the house.

Army claimed that soldiers found an explosive charge in the house, but Fatima denied the military report and said that soldiers found an empty iron pipe and suspected that it was an explosive.

Troops forced Fatima to take the iron pipe out of the house and detonated it with a small explosive, WAFA added.