The Israeli army injured one women and three
reporters during a search campaign of residents' houses in the West Bank
city of Hebron
on Monday.



Medical sources in Hebron said that Mayson Missk, 38, was admitted
to the Hebron public hospital today after sustaining cuts and bruises all over
her body from an attack by Israeli soldiers, who hit her with clubs and rifle butts while searching
her house in Hebron.

Missk's sister said Mayson was attacked by the
soldiers when she tried to stop them from turning the house into an army post. "They started to hit her on her head and arms when she told them not to use our house as an army post" the sister said.

Meanwhile, medical sources reported that soldiers
also attacked Hussam Abu Allan, who works as a photo journalist for the Palestinian
WAFA news agency, Nayef Al Haslamon, who works as a journalist for Reuters, and
Najeh Al Hashlamon, who works as a freelance journalist.

The three were attacked while covering the
house searches in the city.  Soldiers forced them to leave the area for no
reason, eyewitnesses reported.

Soldiers searched and ransacked scores of
houses, allegedly looking for illegal materials and wanted people for the army,
local sources reported.