Israeli troops took five residents as prisoners on Thursday in two
separate incidents in Nablus area, in the northern part of the West
Bank. Three of the detainees, including two brothers, are students at
Al Najah University in Nablus. Two other residents were taken prisoners
in two separate invasion.

Three residents were taken prisoners at the military checkpoint near Nablus. They are from Doura town, near Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank.

They were identified as Nafeth and Mohammad Ahmad Al Faqeeh, 23 and 21,  and Yousef Ahmad Ayed Al Faqeeh, 20.

They were stopped at a military checkpoint near Huwwara town, adjacent to Nablus, while heading back home to their town near Hebron; they were moved to an unknown destination.

In Karma village, south of Doura, soldiers abducted resident Wa'el Othman Awawda, 23, during a military invasion earlier on Wednesday at dawn.

The family of the detainee said that soldiers, backed by armored vehicles and jeeps, surrounded their house at dawn, forced all family members out, ransacked and searched the property before taken Wa'el prisoner. Damage to the furniture and belongings was reported as the soldiers violently searched the house.

Soldiers also searched farmlands, caves and a nearby house that belongs to Mohammad Yousef Al Awawda.

In Surif town, north-west of Hebron, soldiers abducted resident Ahmad Abu Khdeir, 23, after breaking into his house and searching it.

Soldiers also broke into and searched dozens of homes in the town and interrogated several residents, local sources reported.