An Israeli settler from the illegal settlement of Yetzhar, near the West Bank
city of Nablus continues to terrorize Palestinian farmers from
Huwwara town near Nablus, farmers reported on Monday.


The settler wears an army uniform and carries a gun. He has attacked and threatened to kill local farmers who were trying to harvest their olive crops before the start of 'Eid el Fitr, the Islamic feast that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The farmers said that this settler hides in olive orchards that belong to the farmers located near the Yetzhar settlement. He attacks, shoots at and threatens to kill the farmers whenever he has the chance. The farmers expressed fears that this may be part of a plan to expand the settlement, which was illegally built on their lands.

Most of the farmers in Huwwara depend on the olive harvest season as a main source of income by selling olive oil and pickled olives.

The settlers of Yetzhar have attacked the farmers before, according to local farmer Rami Al Suwatti. They cut down olive trees that are close to the settlement or attack farmers while they are taking care of their orchards. The settlers have also attacked the town. Local residents said that the Israeli army sometimes participates as well, particularly when attacking residents' homes and cars to punish youths who throw stones at the settlers road located near the town.

Sourced from PNN