Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected in Gaza Strip on Monday
to discuss details of National Unity Government, Palestinian sources

The sources added that chances to reach an agreement is high and that points of difference are minimal.

Dr. Ghazi Hamad of Hamas, spokesperson of the Palestinian Government said “We in Hamas have reached an understanding on a new Prime Minister to be named to President Mahmoud Abbas,” and added that “there are few unresolved issues, however, in general there is an agreement over most of the issues, based on the National Agreement Document presented by the Palestinian prisoners.”

Hamad also added that there is a common intention among all Palestinian factions to form the unity government and negotiations are ongoing to achieve this goal.

What has been clear so far, is that Haniya will not be the Prime Minister of the new government.

Hania told reproters, "The most important thing we focus on is forming the unity government and the last thing we think about is who will chair the new governemnt."

Meanwhile, the Israeli military operation ‘Fall Clouds” continues against the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun, claiming the lives of more than 50 Palestinians.

The Israeli army claims the operation is aimed at stopping the launching of home-made Qassam shells at Israeli targets by Palestinian resistance groups.

The resistance groups say, they fire the Qassams to retaliate for the Israeli attacks in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.