Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, said on Monday that he
might not be heading the coming Palestinian government that might be
announced today or tomorrow.

During the thirty-third session of the Palestinian government Haniyya said that if it achieves the national interests and demands, he will be in any other position. 

He added that the last thing he thinks about is who heads the coming government.

“The aim of the government is to serve the Palestinian people”, he stated, “posts would never be our goal”.
“Palestinian is greater than all of us, the issue here is not about names”, Haniyya stated, “We will never give up our national duty, and will continue to serve our people”.

He also said that a meeting between him and president Abbas is expected to take place this evening to agree on nominating the next Prime Minister.

Abbas would tackle important issues with Haniyya, Fateh movement and several Palestinian factions on the issue of forming the National Unity Government, lifting the siege imposed on the Palestinian people, and ending their suffering.

Haniyya slammed the international silence on the ongoing Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip, and demanded an international probe into the “the Israeli military war crimes in Beit Hanoun”.

He called on the Arab and Muslim nations to support the Palestinians and act in order to stop the military attacks against them.