The Israeli army invaded Tuesday at dawn the northern West Bank village
of Rumana, west of Jenin, the villages of Kafr Dan and Far’a nearby and
broke into and ransacked homes, claiming to look for “wanted”
individuals. One youth was taken prisoner.

The Israeli military invaded Tuesday the West Bank village of Far’a and took prisoner an 18 year old after breaking into, searching and rummaging through personal belongings. The youth was taken to an unknown location.

In the West Bank village of Kafr Dan Israeli forces attacked homes according to residents. Snipers took positions throughout the village, while soldiers trapped civilians in their homes for several hours. 

Also in the Jenin area the Israeli Salem Military Court issued a two week extension to the sentence of Tha'er Mahmoud Murad, 22, who had been arrested at a military checkpoint in the West Bank village of Tulkarem.  According to a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner Society, the extension is meant to allow more time for forces to gather evidence against the Murad, who works for the Palestinian security forces.

Sourced from PNN