The Al Aqsa Foundation for Protecting Islamic Holy Sites reported on
Thursday morning that under-cover forces of the Israeli army detained
dozens of school students in Jerusalem as they were protesting in
solidarity with Beit Hanoun residents, in the Gaza Strip.

Soldiers attacked and clubbed dozens of students before detaining them as they were peacefully protesting near Bab Al Amoud area in Jerusalem.

A source at the foundation stated that the students were protesting Wednesday's attack against the families of Beit Hanoun and the continuous shelling and military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Twenty Palestinians were killed and at least forty were injured after the Israeli army shelled a civilian area in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Eight of the killed are children, all of the casualties are family members and relatives.

Shortly after the students started their protest on Jerusalem, dozens of policemen and under-cover forces attacked  and clubbed them.

The forces also fired gas and concussion grenades at the students before some policemen, riding motorcycles drove between the students, detained dozens of them and took them to the Jerusalem Police Station in Salah Ed Deen Street in the city.

The foundation added that dozens of students were transferred to several hospitals in the city.

Moreover, the Israeli Radio reported that dozens of women protested in Sultan Suleiman Street, and dozens of youth protested in Salah Ed Deen street, in Jerusalem, and were attacked by dozens of policemen.

According to the Israeli Radio, several youth hurled stones at the policemen, two were mildly injured.