Palestinian medical sources reported that Mohamed Mekhiz, 21, died on
Tuesday morning of wounds he sustained during the Israeli army attack
on Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza strip last Wednesday.

The sources added that Mekhiz was admitted last week to a hospital in Egypt where he died due to a fatal wound i0n the chest, raising the death toll from the Israeli attack last week on Gaza to 95.

Elsewhere in the Gaza Strip, Israeli army fighter jets targeted a warehouse, used to store iron and car parts, with a missile, destroying it completely and damaging neighboring houses.

The warehouse is located in Asskola neighborhood on the eastern side of Gaza City and belongs to Al Hito family. The destroyed business was their only source of income, local sources reported. Ambulance and fire fighters rushed to the scene. No injures were reported.

In the meantime, the Rafah border crossing, the only way in or out of Gaza Strip, was reopened today, Palestinian security sources reported, and added that the crossing was opened on Tuesday morning after the EU came to the crossing; their presence at the crossing is needed to open it according to the agreement reached earlier this year.

The opening of Rafah crossing will help to end the suffering of thousands of Gaza residents trapped on the Egyptian side of the boarder; they have been stuck their for four months when the Israeli army began its summer rain military offensive last June.