Israeli sources reported that Palestinian armed groups fired more
homemade shells at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot seriously wounding
a 17-year old youth. Earlier on Wednesday one Israeli was killed and
another was seriously injured in the town.

The Israeli Magen David Adom reported that the youth was seriously injured in his stomach on Wednesday evening after one of the shells hit the Sderot City Center. Two Israeli youth were mildly injured by shrapnel.

Earlier on Wednesday several Palestinian groups fired homemade shells at Sderot killing one resident and seriously injuring another.

Several homemade shells were also fired at Ashkelon causing damage to at least one building and a number of cars, Israeli sources reported. 

The Sderot resident who was killed earlier was identified as Fatima Slutzker, 57. During her funeral, three leftist Hadash members of Knesset were forced to leave by a number of Sderot residents.

Several homemade shells landed near the house of Israel's defence Minister, Amir Peretz, his body guards was seriously injured, and a doctor at an Israeli hospital said that the guard lost his legs.

According to Israeli sources, a total of 13 homemade shells were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Several Palestinian armed groups said that the firing of homemade shells comes in retaliation to the continuous Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip and the large number of civilian casualties resulted by the ongoing Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, several Israeli security officials called for a wider military offensive in the Gaza Strip after the recent “Autumn clouds” military offensive failed to achieve its objective of freeing an Israeli corporal captured by resistance fighters since April.

The operation also failed to stop the firing of homemade shells into Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

At least 80 residents, one-third of them children, were killed in the Gaza Strip, by Israeli army attacks since the beginning of November.