Palestinian doctors in the Gaza Strip said that they have been dealing with a strange kind of weapon used against Palestinians.

Doctor Abdulrahman Abu Safia of Al-Shifaa hospital in Gaza Strip said the wounded people are suffering serious burns in differnt parts of their bodies.

Many have been ambutated because the fragments of the Israeli shells almost mutilated their limbs.

He added that when they inspect the body of the wounde, they see dozens of spots hit by shrapnel.

"We see a big number of cuts in the body, and when we X-Ray the wounded, we find no sharpnel of fragments of anything in the body, and they do not exit the body from the opposite side," Safia said.

On Sunday afternoon, the Israeli Air Force fired two missiles at a vehicle driving near Salah Ed Deen Mosque  in Al Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza City killing one Palestinian and injuring at least nine others.

Media sources said that Israel refused to allow an medical investigation mission to come to the Gaza Strip.

Recently, the United Nations General Assembly approved sending an investigation mission to the Gaza Strip to investigate the death of 20 Palestinians in an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun on November 8.

The General assembly's resolution although not binding, has condenmed the Israeli attack at Beit Hanoun. On the other hand, the United States has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemening the attack and calling for opening a probe into it. Israel claimed the attack was a mistake, while the US said it was a self defense and insisted on Israel's right to defend itself.