Israeli army tanks and bulldozers have started an invasion of the
southern part of Beit Hanoun town north of the Gaza strip on Monday
morning, after having partially retreated from the town last week.

The tanks opened fire with heavy machine gun and artillery fire at the homes and cars of local Palestinians creating a lot of damage.  At the same time, Israeli armored bulldozers began razing farming lands and animal sheds belonging to local farmers, eyewitnesses reported.

The invasion started early in the morning, according to local sources, who said there are currently tanks  surrounding the southern part of the town and enforcing a total siege on that area of Beit Hanoun.  In nearby Jabalia refugee camp, the Abd Al Haleem Al Khudary family survived a certain death when one Israeli tank shell hit the upper floor of their house, during the morning shelling.

Earlier in the morning, Israeli army tanks shelled Izbeit Abd Rabuh, a village to the east of Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern part of the Gaza strip. Palestinian sources said that the tanks fired four shells that landed near residents' houses and farm lands causing damage.  Medical sources said that medical teams and ambulances rushed to the area and found no injuries, but reported several cases of shock, especially among the children.

In a related incident, the Israeli army apparently targeted a group of residents standing in the street east of Jabalia refugee camp with one missile, medical sources reported no injures.