Israeli army tanks and bulldozers invaded Al Zaytoun
neighborhood south of Gaza City. Troops opened fire randomly at
residents and killed two, including one 70 year old woman, on Tuesday

Palestinian medical sources said that two were killed when troops invaded Al Zaytoun neighborhood and surrounded one house there. The two were known as Sa'diah Harraz, 70, and Ayman Hassanin, said to be member of the Qassam Brigades of Hamas.

Eyewitnesses reported that the invasion started when army tanks and bulldozers stormed Al Zaytoun neighborhood and opened fire at residents' houses randomly. Soon after, the army convoy surrounded a house said to belong to an activist of Hamas. In the meantime, an Israeli drone fired several missiles at electricity generators, cutting off electricity for the whole Al Zaytoun area.

With the two killed the death toll in the Gaza Strip since Monday night until Tuesday morning stands at five. On Monday at night two fighters of Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, were killed in an Israeli air strike in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood, east of Gaza City; at least four residents, including two infants and their father, were injured in the attack.

On Tuesday at dawn, Israeli soldiers ordered a number of resistance fighters' families to evacuate their homes located in Al Zaytoun neighborhood in order to shell them.

This time the residents of Gaza city did not allow the army to attack the houses as local organizers mobilized the community to protect the families. Residents used their bodies as human shields and stayed on the roof tops of the threatened houses in an attempt to nonviolently resist Israel's illegal policy of targeting civilians houses.