Israeli sources reported on Monday that the army took prisoner several
members of the Al Quds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad in
Qabatia town, near the West Bank city of Jenin. The offensive was
carried out by under-cover units of the Israeli army, and regular
military units.

The attack, according to an Israeli army spokesperson, was carried out to counter the activities of the Islamic Jihad.

The invasion was carried out on Monday at dawn and lasted for several hours.

Troops took several members of the Brigades prisoner and claimed uncovering combat tools, weapons and explosives.

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources reported that four members were taken prisoner after the army surrounded a building for more than four hours. At least 30 military vehicles, military helicopters, and three military bulldozers, supported the under-cover troops were operating in Qabatia. 

The sources added that the military offensive took place on Sunday night after midnight, after the army surrounded several areas and houses while troops broke into several houses using ladders and other tools.

One of the residents said that he was awakened by the soldiers who infiltrated into his home, ordered him to wake his family up, and rounded them in the kitchen.

Soldier used the same method to break and control several houses. Resident Fakhri Thiab, said that soldiers forced him, his children and wife, in a small room and did not allow them to leave it until the operation was concluded and the army was ready to leave.

Army broke into dozens of homes during the attack, and used military dogs in searching them while the soldiers used loud speakers calling the “wanted residents” to surrender.

Later on, soldiers surrounded several barracks, and surrounded the area around them before breaking into the barracks and abducting four residents after firing rounds of live ammunition, flares and after threatening to burn the barracks if the residents hiding in them do not surrender.

The four were taken prisoner and moved to an unknown destination; the barracks were bulldozed.

After the operation was concluded, the army said that four members of the Al Quds brigades were taken prisoner.

The Islamic Jihad said that this attack will not stop it from resisting the occupation, and vowed retaliation.