The Israeli army invaded several West Bank cities and villages and took prisoner 14 residents on Tuesday morning.

In the southern West Bank city of Hebron troops invaded the village of Sourif, Al Soura, Al Riha, and Al Fawwar refugee camp and took prisoner seven residents.

Several army forces invaded the villages and the refugee camp, troops attacked residents houses, ransacked and searched them before taking the seven to unknown locations.

Local Palestinian sources identified them as, Mohannad Jubran, 31, Hamed Al Houar, 40, Abd-Allah Ighnimat, 23, from Sourif village south of Hebron, while Samier Awaoudah, 26, and Mohamed Al Massri, from Al Soura village also south of Hebron.   Meanwhile Ihssan Abu Wardah, 27, was taken from Al Fouar refugee camp in the city. Moreover Isma'el Al Tubassi, was taken prisoner from Al Riha village near the city of Hebron after troops attacked his house.

Also  in Bethlehem, Israeli army invaded the city, surrounded the houses of Jalal Salhab, 24, and Omar Habib, 27.  Troops searched and ransacked their houses before they left taking Salhab and Habib with them to unknown location.

Sources in the city said Israeli army has beefed up its presence at the entrances of Bethlehem area and tightened the closure. 

Also on  Tuesday morning, in the northern part of the West Bank, Israeli army vehicles and troops invaded the city of Nablus and the adjacent Balata and Askar refugee camps and took prisoner five residents.

Soldiers opened fire at the residents houses causing damage.  Troops also searched and ransacked a number of houses.  During the search soldiers took prisoner Mohamed Abu Jaradah, 21, from Askar refugee camp, Mohamed Abu Aiyash, 22, Khalil Abu Hamadah, 25, Sa'ed Khalifa, 22, from Balata refugee camp, while Amer Yamin, 20, was taken for the city of Nablus, local sources reported.