Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday at night that the Executive
Committee of the Palestinian Liberation organization will convene on
Wednesday evening, in the West Bank city of Ramallah for talks of the
current crisis on forming the national unity government.

The meeting will be headed by president, Mahmoud Abbas; the Committee will update Abbas on the options to ended the current crisis regarding the national unity government.

Member of the Committee, Yasser Abed-Rabbo, said on Monday that a committee assigned by Abbas finalized a study on available option after the failure of nationally unity talks. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian vice-premiere Nasser ed Deen Al Sha'er, from the Hamas movement, said that talks did not fail and that now talks are on assigning candidates to different government posts.

He added that his movement will not allow the talks to return to ground-zero after reaching advanced stages.

Several Hamas and Fateh leaders trades accusation over the failure of internal talks on the formation of a National Unity Government.

Al Sha'er said that “there is no true Palestinian who will agree to the failure of talks, especially as Israel continues its aggression against the Palestinians, and attempts to partition the Palestinian cause instead of recognizing the  Palestinian rights of independence”.

He added that the Palestinian people want a unity government, that is capable of rebuilding the country and “standing against the Israeli policies of annexation and aggression”.