Palestinian sources reported that five Palestinians were taken prisoner
by the Israeli army during morning invasions to different parts of the
West Bank on Thursday.

Israeli army jeeps and troops attacked Palestinian homes, searching and ransacking them in Askar refugee camp in Nablus, in the northern West Bank, on Thursday morning, and took Ibrahim Ishtawi, 32, to an unknown location, his family reported.

Also in the northern part of the West Bank, Israeli forces invaded the city of Qalqilia on Thursday morning and took three residents prisoner, as well as injuring one.

Ma'mun Jabir, 24, Rami Al Fara, 25, Iyad Al Fara, 25, were taken when troops attacked and searched their family houses located Kufer Saba neighborhood, Kassem Jabir,55,  the father of Ma'mun, was injured when a soldier hit him with a stone during the abduction of his son, he sustained light wounds, medical sources reported.
In the village of Al Walaja, northwest of Bethlehem, in the southern part of the West Bank, Israeli troops sealed the village, preventing anyone from entering or leaving, then surrounded the house of Sha'ban  Abu Al Teben, 54, searched his house, then took him away to an unknown location, his family reported.  Al Walaja is one of several towns where Israeli Wall construction is currently underway.  The village is, at present, completely surrounded by the Israeli Wall and construction, cutting it off from both Israel and Palestine.


Israeli media sources reported on Thursday that the Israeli army have taken a total of 15 prisoners during morning invasions to the cities of Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Qalqilia.  An army spokesperson claimed that the 15 are all members of Hamas or Fatah armed wings, and all are on what the army calls the Wanted List.