Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported that Israeli soldiers
reopened the Rafah Border Crossing, in the southern part of the Gaza
Strip, and that residents started crossing on both sides of the

Wael Dahab, media spokesperson of the Crossings and the Presidential guard units, told the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, that workers started receiving the residents who are either leaving or entering that Gaza Strip.

Dahab added that the employees and officials at the crossing are conducting utmost efforts to reduce the jamming on the crossing and enable the residents to cross in both directions.

He also said that there are several hundreds of pilgrims who are willing to leave to Saudi Arabia, while other residents crossing for treatment and education abroad.

Dahab stated that the long period of closures increased the difficulties in operating it since hundreds of residents were trapped either in the Gaza Strip or at Egyptian side, while hundreds were stranded on the crossing for long periods.

The limited hours Israel allows the crossing to operate increased the difficulties and the suffering of the residents.

The Crossing was totally blocked more than five months ago, and only opened it for limited periods since then.