political bureau chief, Khalid Mashal, stated on Saturday that the only
way to end the current Palestinian crisis is to return to a direct and
unconditional dialogue between all Palestinian factions.


Mashal added that all factions should hold meetings in order to reach a joint understanding and agreement on a national unity government.

In an interview with the Al Ahram Egyptian newspaper, Mashal said that there is no alternative to national talks between all Palestinian factions in order to reach an agreement and understanding on forming a national unity governmet.

Mashal added that the Palestinans are persistant to reject any internal clashes and conflicts that causes casualties among the residents and their facilities.  

He also said the failure of national unity talks is not Hamas’ fault, since it is persistent to achieve a national unity government but “other parties” have been acting against this goal, according to Mashal. 

Fateh movement repeatedly said that Hamas is responsible for the failure of unity talks since it is persistant to maintain the control over the Foreign, Interior and Finance ministries.

Meanwhile, Mashal said that Hamas won a vast majority of the parliamentarian seats and have the right to maintain the sensitive positions and ministries.