Palestinian medical sources reported on Thursday evening that Mohammed
Ghayeb, a Fateh leader, was assassinated in his home by members of the
Executive Force formed by Hamas, in Jabalia, in the northern part of
the Gaza Strip.   Three other people were killed in the shelling of
Ghayeb’s house, including two of his staff and a bystander.

Earlier Thursday, Ayman al-Subuh, 26, a member of Hamas’ Executive
Force, was killed in a firefight between the Executive Force and
supporters of the rival Fateh party, and a bystander was reportedly
also killed.

A total of eighteen people were injured in Thursday’s clashes, according to hospital sources.

Just before Mohammed Ghayeb was assassinated by the shelling of his home Thursday evening, he issued a plea for help on Palestine TV, saying, ''They are killers,'' he said of the Hamas gunmen. ''They are targeting the house, children are dying, they are bleeding. For God's sake, send an ambulance, we want an ambulance, somebody move.''

Members of the Fateh party accused the Hamas force of targeting Ghayeb and preventing anyone not supportive of the Hamas party from entering the area as they besieged the 45-year old man in his home.

Hamas, for their part, accused Ghayeb of harboring Fateh gunmen and refusing to surrender the gunmen, who they say had taken refuge in his home.


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One Palestinian Resident Killed, Ten others Injured During Infighting in Gaza

Rami Almeghari-IMEMC&Agencies 

2007-01-04 17:52:25 

One Palestinian resident was killed Thursday and at least 10 others
were wounded during internal clashes in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Moa’wiya Abu Hasaneen, head of emergency department of the Alshifa hospital of Gaza confirmed that Essam Sbaih , 26, was killed and four others were wounded in the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabalya.

Abu Hasaneen said also that six others were wounded in the city of Deir Elbalah, in the central Gaza Strip, two of whom were moderately injured.

Witnesses in Beit Lahia said that Sbaih was killed near the house of senior preventative security officer Mohammad Ghareeb in the town of Jabalya.

Speaking to Palestine TV, Mohammad Gharib said “ what have I done, why?, is my house an Israeli settlement?; they are now shooting at my house and my children”. 
Local sources in central Gaza Strip reported that six Palestinian mourners were also injured during the funeral procession of three preventive security officers who were killed yesterday during infighting in Khan Younis city

Witnesses said that members of the interior ministry executive force fired on the funeral procession, leading to the injury of six mourners.

The Palestinian national and Islamic factions have issued a statement, calling on conflicting parties to save Palestinian blood and point their guns at the Israeli occupation instead. 

Internal clashes resumed a couple of days ago in northern Beit Lahiya city, resulting in the killing of five Palestinian residents including a woman. Infighting resumed just two weeks after all Palestinian factions, mainly Fatah and Hamas agreed on a ceasefire, to foil a possible civil war.