One Palestinian man died on
Friday morning due to wounds sustained during Thursday's clashes in
Jabalia refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip between armed groups of the two rival parties Fatah and Hamas.

Dr. Mou'awiah Hassanin, director of the emergency department in the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that Wa'el Ghareeb, 35 died in the Shifa hospital. Ghareeb was admitted to the hospital after being hit with a live round in the head during the clashes in Jabalia camp on Thursday evening.

On Thursday, six Palestinians have been killed as clashes between the rival Hamas and Fatah movements renewed in the Gaza Strip, Ghareeb death have raised the death toll in the clashes which erupted following Abbas’ call for early election few weeks ago to 13.

In the meantime the Gaza Strip witnessed on Friday morning "cautious calm", as it was described by local and Arab media sources after the meeting that was held between the Palestinian President Mahmod Abbas and the Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haniyeh on Friday at dawn, the meeting was held in the presidential residency compound in Gaza city.

Abbas and Haniyeh agreed to immediately withdraw all armed groups, mainly the Fatah affiliated Preventative Security and the Hamas affiliate Executive Force from the streets, and allowing the Palestinian Police to assume control over the Gaza Strip.

They also agreed to form and investigation committee and to reactivate the National Security Council.
Earlier this week, an agreement mediated by both Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to release those who have been abducted from the two parties after factional clashes erupted in the earlier in the towns of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia north of the Gaza Strip during which five at least were injured twenty others were abducted.  These clashes came two weeks after a fragile cease fire agreement between the two movements that claimed the lives of several residents including three children.