Officials of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party told the family of Sameer Quntar, who is imprisoned by Israel since 1979, and told them that the party will not release the captured soldiers without the release of Quntar. The officials told the family that their son will be freed “very soon”.

Also, the officials added that the party will not considered or negotiate any prisoner swap if Quntar is not among the detainees who will be freed.
The recent statement was repeatedly announced by Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, who said that releasing Quntar is one of the top priorities in any prisoner swap deal.

Sheikh Atallah Hammoud a senior Hezbollah official who was among the delegates visiting Quntar’s family said that “Sameer will be released very soon”.

Bassam, the brother of Quntar, who has been leading the campaign of Sameer and Lebanese detainees, thanked the fighters who were arrested by Israel during the recent Israeli-Hezbollah war and those who “were killed but defeated the enemy”.

Hezbollah fighters captured two Israeli soldiers in July 2006; the two soldiers are Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser.

Hezbollah leaders, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, said that Quntar will be released in a prisoner swap deal with Israel.