The Israeli municipality of occupied East Jerusalem has completed the construction of a Synagogue on an Islamic WAQF land in the holy city, just 50 meters away from the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The Al-Aqsa Foundation for Islamic WAQF affairs quoted a local Palestinian resident of the Alwad neighborhood, “about one month ago, Jewish constructors began reconstructing the roof of Al-Ain public bath, over which the Israeli army took control during the 1967 Arab-Israel war." The resident, who spoke anonymously, added that the Israeli authorities have also begun construction work in an area called the Bayara (plantation), owned by the Palestinian Islamic WAQF department.

The Foundation pointed out that local residents have called the Israeli authorities to halt construction in the said area, yet the authorities denied any constructions, alleging they were just razing the land. The residents confirmed that the construction workers fixed cement walls and completed the installation of wood building devices on the Albyara land.

Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, Mufti of Jerusalem was quoted as saying “the Islamic WAQF department will work on halting such actions as all the Israeli ‘occupation’ constructions across the holy city have been illegal." Tayseer Bayoud Altamimy, Islamic supreme judge, held that the Israeli authorities responsible for the Judaizing of the Arab city of Jerusalem by constructing a Jewish Synagogue.

According to the United Nations resolutions, East Jerusalem is an occupied Palestinian territory. Which Israel occupied along with the West Bank and Gaza Strip in June 4, 1967. Settlement activities on such territories are considered illegal by international law.