Israeli Forces invaded several cities and villages in different parts of the West Bank and abducted fourteen Palestinian men during an invasion on Monday morning.

In Nablus city in the northern part of the West Bank, a massive Israeli Army force invaded the downtown area of Nablus city and the nearby Balata refugee camp, abducting ten Palestinian men.  

Local residents reported that soldiers attacked, searched and ransacked scores of residents' houses in both the city and refugee camp. Palestinian sources in the city added that seven men were taken from the city while another three brothers were taken from the refugee camp.  

The seven abducted from the city were known as Hamed Judah, 16, Omer Arafat, Radwan Swidan, 19, Ayman Al Khali, 22, Mohamed Kalbunah, 22, Omer Ajaj, 23, and Sami A'jaj.   The three brothers who were abducted from Balata refugee camp were identified as Yousif, Adel and Imad Abu Munief.  

On Monday morning the Israeli Army also invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and the nearby Jenin refugee camp and searched several houses. Resident Mohammad Asadi, 37, was taken to an unknown detention camp, his family reported. Residents reported that soldiers fired live rounds and sound bombs heavily at their houses during the invasion. No injuries were reported.  

In the meantime, three Palestinian men were abducted by the Israeli Army from villages near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem on Friday morning.  

Ibrahiem Al Shikh, 32, and Bilal Al Shikh, 22, were both abducted from their houses located in Marah-Rabah village south of Bethlehem when Israeli forces invaded the village and attacked and searched a number of houses. Moreover, Mohammad Hirmas, 20, was abducted after Israeli soldiers attacked his house located in Taqua village west of Bethlehem, his family reported.