Data collected by the Israeli Disengagement Authority (Sela) reported that an average of NIS 1.5-2 million New Israeli Shekels are expected to be paid as compensation to each family of the 1,800 settler families evacuated from the Gaza Strip during the implementation of the Disengagement Plan in August 2005.An Israeli online daily reported that the numbers include the money already paid and the compensations that will be paid.

The daily added that a bill proposed to the Knesset, and is currently being discussed, suggests a 10% increase of the stipend granted to each settler family.

The bill was presented by member of Knesset Amnon Cohen from Shas party. His bill wants compensations to be granted to Gaza settlers for evacuating their temporary residences (illegal mobile homes).

“Cohen proposes a grant of $20,000 or NIS 112,500 (both amounts appear in the bill) to each family as compensation for evacuating the mobile homes”, Israeli media reported, "This grant will reduce the possibility of some of the families remaining in the temporary sites, whom the state may find it difficult to evacuate."

The money is allocated to the evacuated settlers, and to grants related to the period they lived in Gaza settlements, and another “adaptation stipend”.

According to the report, the 960 settler families, who lived in the Gaza Strip for six years or more, received NIS 1.5 million per family.

Also, the daily reported that 200 additional families, who were homeowners in settlements in Gaza but not actual residents, received NIS 500,000 each. Family that rented homes in Gaza settlements received lower compensation.

All settler families who owned businesses in the Gaza Strip received full compensation for their businesses. Most of those families were farmers who owned hothouses.

Israel also paid stipends for settlers living in illegal outposts, mobile homes, land and infrastructures.

 Moreover, the Israeli Ministry of Finance estimated that “civilian-related costs Israel incurred for the Gaza evacuations is expected to reach 6.5 million, with an average of 3.6 million for each family”.

In spite these huge amounts of compensation paid to the settlers to evacuate from the occupied Gaza Strip, dozens of settlers are filing lawsuits against the Israeli government demanding higher compensation for their homes and businesses.