Israeli forces invaded several West Bank cities and abducted 15 Palestinian civilians on Thursday morning.
Four of those abducted were from the villages of Beit Fajjar and Al Khadier, south of Bethlehem city in the southern Part of the West Bank.

Local sources in Beit Fajjar village reported that troops attacked and search a number of houses on Thursday in the early dawn hours then abducted Ala Takatka, aged 17, Mohamed Takatka, 22 and Iyad Takatka, 27, and took them to an unknown detention camp.

In the meantime, another force invaded the village of Al Kadier and surrounded the house of Iyad Issa, 27, searched the house then seized him and left, his family reported.

In the northern part of the West Bank, Israeli troops invaded Jenin Refugee Camp and the city of Jenin on Thursday morning. Israeli soldiers fired live rounds and sound bombs into residents’ homes then searched a number of them. Troops abducted Mohamed Shirawi, 22 and Mohamed Jabareen, 24, and took them to unknown locations, eyewitness reported.

The village of Fahma, south-west of Jenin city, was attacked on Thursday at dawn. Israeli soldiers searched homes and forced families out of their houses during the search; soldiers also opened fire randomly at residents’ houses during the invasion, eyewitnesses reported.

Soldiers left in the morning, taking with them Ali Sana’iah, 35, Hassan Wadfi’, 24, Al Qahier, 17, and Ahed Nawasra, 25.

Another two civilians were also abducted this morning from the city of Qalqilia in the northern part of the West Bank. Residents reported that a massive Israeli force invaded the city, searched several homes in the city center, then took prisoner Majdi Bider, 28, and Ibraheem Shana’a, 28.

Israeli troops also attacked and searched homes in the nearby village of Azon, east of Qalqilia. No abductions were reported there.

Murad Abu Khaznah, 24, was taken prisoner when Israeli troops attacked and searched his house located in the village of Atteel, near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem.

In Tulkarem, the Israeli forces attacked the eastern side of the city and searched several homes then took Tha’er Nafith, 19, Fathi Matar, 19, and Mohamed Abu Al Inien, 18 to unknown detention camps.

Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarem was also attacked on Thursday morning. Troops surrounded it and searched the house of Ahmad Al Shalabi, 25, then took him to an unknown location, his family reported.