Israeli army bulldozers leveled two Palestinian homes located in east Jerusalem, and threatened to demolish a third on Tuesday around midday.
On of the attacked houses belongs to Mohamed Hanak and is located in Al Shikh Jarah neighborhood, and the other belongs to the Al Natsheh family and is located in Wadi Qadom area just outside the old city of Jerusalem. The reason given by the army for the demolition of the two homes is that they were ‘built without permits’. The Israeli government has refused to give Palestinians in Jerusalem permits to build homes or even keep their existing ones since Israel occupied the city in 1967.

According to local residents, massive forces of the Israeli army and police surrounded the two houses during the demolition and did not allow anyone access, even family members. Residents desperately tried to reach the houses and soldiers used batons to hold them back, no injuries were reported.

Another family received a demolition order today from the Israeli army. Sami Al Rigbi from Selwan village near Jerusalem received a military order from the Israeli army troops who stormed and searched his house on Tuesday at dawn it, eyewitnesses reported.