Israeli military forces took away two civilians from Yatta, Hebron in southern West Bank on Tuesday morning, raising the number of kidnapped locals to four.
According to local sources, troops raided and ransacked homes, and detained Ali Al Shawahen,44, and Mahmmoud Amour, 40. Earlier today Israeli forces kidnapped two other civilians identified by reports as Taleb Al Najar, 40, and Mohammad Al Herene.

Meanwhile, Israeli military forces stormed in several other Hebron neighborhoods — Al Salam street and the area around Hebron University in particular. Several houses, including the dwellings of Samer Kateeb and the Palestinian intelligence officer Saed Kamel, were reportedly searched.

In the village of Saer, nearby Hebron, young Palestinians clashed with the Israeli army over house raids and checkpoints in the area. Israeli troops fired tear gas at demonstrators, who attacked them with stones and glass debris, said the joint security operation office.