One of the 38 Palestinian civilians shot and injured by Israeli forces during their two-day invasion of Nablus this week was shot three times in the back of the head, according to medical reports. Ahmed Abu-Hantash is one of a number of Palestinians who were fired upon by Israeli forces while leaving al-Shuhada Mosque in Nablus after Friday prayers, according to eyewitnesses. He remains in the hospital in critical condition.

One eyewitness told the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), “I was walking with Ahmad to the mosque and suddenly I heard a gunshot and saw Ahmad fall beside me, I was horrified to see his blood splashing all over the ground, and did not know why the army shot at us, we ducked for cover and when the Israeli jeep left we rushed Ahmad to the nearby Specialty Hospital.”

According to the ISM, Ahmad Abu Hantash is a 35-year old Palestinian worker, married with two children, Fadi, 4 years old, and Hadi, three months old.

After X-Rays showing the location of the three bullets in Abu-Hantash's head were published in the Israeli press, the Israeli military claimed that they will be investigating the incident.