Palestinian Security sources in Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, reported on Monday evening that Israeli soldiers detained eights residents including family members, in Khallit Al Amoud area in the city. Seven were released later on, and one was moved to an Israeli hospital.The eight were identified as Soheib Al Kharraz, Osama Al Kharraz and his two sons Moayyad and Ziad, Mohammad Saleh Al Kharraz and his son Ayman, Osama Makkawi, and Mohammad Oleywi.

Seven of the detained residents were released later on, while resident Osama Makkawi was injured and moved to an Israeli hospital.

The abductions were carried out when the army invaded Ras Al Ein and the Eastern Area in Nablus.
Moreover, troops invaded Tulkarem city in the northern part of the West Bank and searched several homes.