The Palestinian resistance continued on Thursday launching homemade projectiles from the Gaza Strip, targeting the nearby southern Israeli town of Sderot. One Israeli woman, and the bodyguard of an Israeli minister, were injured.

Israeli sources said that the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Avi Dikhter, was visiting Sderot when a Qassam shell landed near his convoy and lightly injured his bodyguard.

Meanwhile, another shell landed near homes in the southern Israeli town and lightly wounded one Israeli woman.

On Wednesday, Palestinian home made shells struck Sederot and killed one Israeli man.

Statements from Palestinian resistance groups have announced that they are launching the homemade shells at southern Israel in response to the Israeli military attacks on Gaza, that have now left 23 Palestinians dead since Tuesday.

Among those killed, the youngest was three months old, dying after Israeli jet fighters bombed civilians’ homes in Gaza City on Wednesday evening.