Nabil Abu Rodeina, spokesperson to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demanded the international community to intervene and stop the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people as the Israeli army killed 27 Palestinians, including several children on Wednesday and Thursday. Dozens of civilians were injured.Abu Rodeina stated  that the Israeli Army is conducting massacres against the Palestinian civilians and continue to carry air strikes that targets civilian neighborhoods.

He added that the Israeli military escalation “is drowning the Palestinian territories in blood which is a clear indication that the Israeli government is aiming at voiding the peace process and attempting to force the Palestinians to surrender”.

27 Palestinians, among them three fighters and four children were killed on Wednesday and Thursday. Dozens of residents including 17 children were injured.

Medical sources identified the four as Mohamed Hamudah, 7, Ali Dardonah, 8, Omer Dardonah, 14, and his brother Deib, 11.

On Wednesday evening, three children were killed when an Israeli missile struck just a few meters away from a playground in the northern part of Gaza City, where many children happened to playing football. 17 other children were also injured in the attack.

 Three more fighters were assassinated in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.