Thursday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry expressed concerns over the continuation of Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.With especial concern over the recent series of air strikes on different areas in the Gaza Strip which have claimed the lives of 33 Palestinians including eight children.Husam Zaki, the Ministry’s spokesperson said that ‘the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Abu al Gheit informed the Israeli delegation of Egypt’s concerns over Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip’, during their their Thursday meeting.

In a press release, Amer Mousa, the General Secretary of the Arab league wrote that Israel did not work for the good of the peace process, and held it responsible for the inflaming the situation within the Palestinian territories. He said that Israel has never worked for peace either before and or after the Arab peace Initiative and warned of the consequences of what he described as the current Freeze.

He affirmed that ‘Israel is responsible for aborting the International and Arab readiness to achieve a final solution on the Middle East crisis adding that ‘ we do not see any progress in the Arab –Israeli conflict or the Palestinian –Israeli one.’