Eight Israelis and an armed Palestinian were killed when the latter attacked a religious settler school located in west Jerusalem on Thursday night.Israeli sources stated that an armed man entered Merkaz Harav yeshiva school, a Jewish religious college, and opened fire at students killing eight and injuring at least 30 others, three seriously.

Israeli troops and police stormed the school and killed man who was identified to be from Jabal Al-Mukabber town near Jerusalem. His name remain undisclosed.

Merkaz Harav yeshiva school, Israeli sources state, is linked to settler leadership in the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

An Israeli police source confirmed that the attacker was killed and did not manage to detonate his explosives.

The Israeli army closed all streets leading in and out of Jerusalem. Israeli police sources stated that the attacker was a Palestinian from Jerusalem.

Media sources stated that a previously unknown group calling itself the Galilee Freedom Battalions claimed responsibility for the attack.